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2020 Bicycle Infrastructure Survey

While it has only been a year since our initial bicycle infrastructure survey, the Washtenaw Bicycling and Walking Coalition (WBWC) decided that it was worth revisiting in 2020. There were two main drivers that led to this decision. The first was the eagerness to revise the survey structure and questions, implementing lessons learned from the 2019 survey. The 2019 questions were, for the most part, completely open-ended. Additionally, there were demographic questions that we failed to ask in 2019 that would have given a clearer picture of the successes and failures of Washtenaw County's bicycle infrastructure. The other major reason for conducting the survey again was the October 2019 opening of the William Street Bikeway in Ann Arbor. There was great excitement about Washtenaw County’s first protected two-way cycle track, and the WBWC was eager to see how this new type of infrastructure would measure up on a survey.




National Association of Transportation Officials (NACTO): Choosing an All Ages & Abilities Bicycle Facility

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