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Ann Arbor Transportation Commission Meeting Summary


State Street Redesign - A People Friendly Street Initiative Smithgroup presented the first phase of a new design of State Street (between Washington and William Street) to the commission. Members of commission voiced concern over proposed sharrows and curbside management (lack of handicap parking and maybe time-restricting commercial loading zones). In the end the commission voted unanimously to support the project and recommend it to city council. State Street Presentation South Main Street Reconfiguration Pilot Extension As part of 2021 Healthy Streets Program S. Main Street was put on a road diet (four lanes down to three lanes with bike lanes). Early data collection and analysis suggests remarkable improvements in safety with dramatic reductions in speed of motor vehicles. In the pre- road diet only 30% of northbound and 50% of southbound cars were at or below 30 mph. Post- road diet 66% of northbound and 83% of southbound cars were at or below 30 mph. In addition, the number of cars above 40 mph dropped significantly from 349 to 55. South Main Street Reconfiguration Memo City Ownership of State Trunklines City staff intends to solicit proposals in the first quarter of calendar year 2022 to identify the tradeoffs of transferring ownership of State trunklines from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to the City of Ann Arbor. The city views these roadways as important to local transportation and prioritizes safety, mobility, accessibility, and healthy people and sustainable places as top priorities. City Ownership of State Trunklines Memo Additional Reports: 2021 Transportation Commission Annual Report Planned Transportation Projects in 2022 FY 2023 Policy Agenda Recommendations Draft Pedestrian Safety Improvements Around Schools in Ann Arbor: 2017-2021 Bicycle-Involved Crashes in Michigan: 2016-2020 Pedestrian-Involved Crashes in Michigan: 2016-2020


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