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Statement on the Ann Arbor Resolution to End the Healthy Streets Initiative Outside of the Downtown

Below is a statement from the WBWC board on DC-7, "Resolution to End the Healthy Streets Initiative Outside of the Downtown," at this evening's meeting of Ann Arbor City Council (agenda here).


Re: Resolution to End the Healthy Streets Initiative Outside of the Downtown ATTN: Ann Arbor City Council The Washtenaw Bicycling & Walking Coalition (WBWC) is very supportive of Ann Arbor’s Healthy Streets/People-Friendly Streets program, including the segments proposed to be prematurely ended. In light of the greater challenges to safe, efficient, and equitable transportation for all through these corridors, it is all the more important to give these pilot projects a chance to play out. As such, we encourage the Ann Arbor City Council to vote no on this resolution. These programs are intended to be installed for a limited and defined time in order to evaluate their effectiveness and have time to refine their design throughout the pilot period. This refinement has already occurred in some areas in the short time they have been installed, but ending these projects prematurely will remove facilities that people have hardly had time to discover and make good use of. Additionally, it would be a waste of city resources already invested, with the net knowledge gained being nil. Allowing these projects to complete their term allows not only time for design adjustments where potential problems may exist, but for public acclimatization to the new configuration. This occurs all the time with road construction, for example; the only difference with these projects is that the benefits of these road configurations are for road users other than motor vehicles. We ask that Council allow the city and the citizens to get the most out of this promising opportunity. Thank you for your service to the city. Sincerely, WBWC Board of Directors

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