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At the WBWC, we think Washtenaw County should be a place where....


All road and building are designed to take into account the needs of cyclists and pedestrians

Children can safely walk or bike to school

Where people walk, there are adequate sidewalks

Bicycle parking is plentiful, secure, well-maintained and sheltered whenever possible.

Traffic lights are timed so that sidewalk users can cross safely without having to wait inordinate amounts of time or sprint.

Law enforcement officials work with cyclists to make sure everyone is educated about bicycling rules and regulations.

Crosswalks mean something.

Driver's education adequately covers the rights and responsibilities of cyclists and pedestrians.

Roads and paths are maintained so that they can be safely used by cyclists.

Motorists can expect to get a ticket for violating laws that protect the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, such as blocking crosswalks at intersections or deliberately driving in a way that endangers a cyclist.

"Right on Red" is regulated or prohibited in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Bicycling and walking are safe, enjoyable and recognized as key components of the transportation mix.

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