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Discounted memberships for Pokémon Go Trainers!

Because nobody wants to get hit by a car trying to catch 'em all.


The WBWC envisions a day when biking & walking are safe, comfortable, convenient, & commonplace for everyone in our community... just like in Pallet Town.

We're working to make Washtenaw County a national leader in biking & walking so you can do what you do best even better.

As an advocacy group we need a strong membership to speak with a loud voice. We're offering Pokémon trainers discounted memberships because we know you're some of Washtenaw's most active pedestrians & cyclists: flocking at Gallup, Depot Town, downtown A2, & wherever unowns & EX raids can be found. 


Join today & help be the change you want to see in the county! and game!

Regular Individual Membership: $25
Trainer price: $10

Please enter "POGO" in the field: "organization you're a part of."


Regular Family Membership: $35
Trainer price: $20

Please enter "POGO" in the field: "organization you're a part of."

WBWC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. You'll receive a tax-deductible receipt for your membership contribution. Memberships last from Jan-Dec. Members who join after Sept. 1 receive a membership into the following calendar year.

Partner Shops - Show your membership card & save!

If there's a business you'd like to see added, let us know at 

10% discount on non-sale accessories

15% off full price items;
25% off full price Moosejaw label items

15% off parts

10% discount on non-sale accessories

10% on accessories and 5% off bikes

10% off non-sale items, except North Face items

10% discount on everything

15% discount on non-sale accessories

10% off non-sale accessories from Great Lakes Cycling Ann Arbor

15% off walking & biking related items

10% discount on non-sale items

10% off, not including repairs at 4th Ave Birkenstock Ann Arbor

10% discount

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