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Pedestrian Safety & Access Task Force Report Ready For Action

Two years ago, the Ann Arbor City Council and Mayor Hieftje created the Pedestrian Safety and Access Task Force. The work began in April of 2014, and the final report was presented to City Council in September of 2015. The Council has accepted the report including the primary recommendation that Ann Arbor join the “Vision Zero” agenda for working to have no pedestrian traffic fatalities.

The 55-page report contains a wide-ranging set of recommendations, contained in these objectives:

1. Improve pedestrian access and encourage use

2. Improve understanding of traffic laws and local expectations

3. Improve the physical conditions of the roadway and pedestrian environment to reflect best practices for pedestrian safety

4. Address the safety and access for all users

5.Reduce distractions and minimize consequences

The Washtenaw Biking and Walking Coalition is a natural place to turn to for the wisdom, energy, and passion for the issues of pedestrian safety and access. We will have a chance to talk about needed future action and next steps at the Annual Meeting. To see the report in electronic form go to this link:

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